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bharatanatyam bharatnatyam bay area cupertino saratoga

Enjoy learning Bharatanatyam 

Namaste! Welcome to this dance school devoted to the divine Indian classical dance form, Bharatanatyam.


Bharatanatyam is one of the most beautiful and elegant dance forms, replete with intricate footwork, dynamic movements, and hand gestures. It is the confluence of bhava (expression), raga (melody), tala (rhythm) with natyam (dance) - hence the name, BhaRaTa Natyam. While it is over 300 years old, dancers today continue to incorporate new and relevant themes and choreographies to this pristine form that depicts history going back 2000 years.

At SarvaGuna, we are passionate about teaching Bharatanatyam with an eye for perfection and attention to detail while ensuring that our students develop an eternal love for this dance form and its elegance.


There are various benefits to enrolling in our dance classes:


  • Better Discipline

  • Improved ability for hard work and diligence

  • Enhanced focus and memory

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Better hand-eye-legs-head coordination

  • Improved posture and confidence

  • Enhanced physical fitness

  • Emotional well-being through fun social interaction in group classes

  • Deeper understanding of Self


Classes and workshops are offered for various age groups starting from 5yrs and over. We have beginners, intermediate and advanced level groups.


We pride ourselves in the pristine Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam passed down through the GuruShishya parampara of Guru Chokkalingam Pillai and Guru Kittappa Pillai lineage. 

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bharatanatyam bharatnatyam bay area cupertino saratoga


 trains students of various age groups with an eye for detail and focus on one-on-one attention promoting individual strengths. 

Fall Session Classes 

Starting : mid-August 


We are giving trial classes for new students prior to enrollment into fall session classes to ensure appropriate levels.  These classes will be 1 hour classes on specific days of the week, based on the specific levels and groups.

We have classes for various age groups and levels and a few new batches are starting in August. Please call us to fix a trial class appointment and to get more information on our classes and locations in Saratoga, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. 

We also believe that Bharatanatyam needs to be made more accessible to the common populace and offer various modes of classes including a combination of Skype and video classes.



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